Geriatric Emergency Medicine

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Advances in Geriatric Emergency Medicine

Addressing the needs of our growing aging population demands a revolutionary approach to elder care, especially in emergencies. Our research is dedicated to discovering advanced emergency treatments and solutions for better health outcomes today, and for generations to come.


Research Focus

Dr. Adrian Haimovich and his team focus on geriatric care in the emergency department (ED), utilizing electronic health records (EHR) and automated systems to improve screening, communication, and care for older adults, particularly those with dementia or approaching the end-of-life.

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Advancing Geriatric Emergency Care Together

Dr. Haimovich's team is always looking for partners to explore novel algorithms and interventions in the emergency care of our geriatric population. Whether your interest lie in advancing research, clinical care, industry, or otherwise, we are looking to engage. 

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Dr. Adrian D. Haimovich