2024 Pharmacy Clinical Informatics Summer Internship Program

About the Internship

The goal of the Pharmacy Clinical Informatics Summer Internship Program is to develop future pharmacy leaders in informatics through exposure to population health and clinical informatics principles through concepts such as data model design, clinical workflows, and interoperability. Working directly with pharmacists and clinical leaders, the Interns will learn how clinical informatics principles are used to maximize healthcare resources, patient care outcomes, and implementations. Two student pharmacists will be selected for this internship in pharmacy informatics.


The student pharmacists selected will gain experience through a curriculum designed by Harvard Medical School faculty members at the Division of Clinical Informatics (DCI) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Pfizer Clinical Informatics, Medical Outcomes & Analytics Group. The student pharmacists will engage in clinical informatics and pharmacy experiences through participation in the structured twelve-week internship program, with additional exposure to population health and advanced research methods. Interns will have access to online learning resources. The training offered will be tailored to the student’s background and future career objectives. The Interns can be virtually located anywhere in the United States.

For more information, contact Dr. Yuri Quintana, Chief of the Division of Clinical Informatics, yquintan@bidmc.harvard.edu.


Apply by March 29, 2024!


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Internship Details

The interns will be assigned a Preceptor to guide and tailor the learning encounters developed by faculty at DCI and Pfizer Clinical Informatics, Medical Outcomes & Analytics group. The interns will work closely with their preceptor to conceptualize, develop, and complete a project to improve the quality of patient care through informatics. The interns are eligible to receive a modest financial stipend.


Internship Requirements

Currently enrolled as a full-time Doctor of Pharmacy degree student in an ACPE-accredited school or college, with an anticipated graduation date of 2025 or 2026. Candidates must submit an online application with an essay (3 pages max) of interest, two letters of recommendation, and a letter of good academic standing from their institution with a cumulative GPA. To receive the stipend, candidates must be eligible for employment in the United States. Students can also request to receive academic credit at their institution.

Interns will be hosted virtually (due to COVID-19 restrictions) in the Division of Clinical Informatics, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.



About DCI

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About Pfizer

This program is made possible through generous support from Pfizer Inc.



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