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The Division of Clinical Informatics (DCI), created in 1970 by Dr. Howard Bleich and Dr. Warner Slack, was among the first academic divisions in the world to concentrate on the use of computers for patient care, teaching, and medical research. The goals of the Division have been to improve the relationship between doctor and patient, enhance medical education, improve quality, and reduce costs. DCI has had three  faculty members receive the prestigious Morris F. Collen Award from the American Medical Informatics Association, and four fellows elected into the American College Medical Informatics. Learn more about our history.

Current research includes the design and evaluation of clinical information systems, translational research platforms, patient portals, and patient engagement, quality improvement processes and analytics, clinical decision support systems, online learning systems, mobile health applications, global e-health applications. See more about our Research.

The Division hosts a variety of a wide range of training programs, from internships to fellowships, to international industrial programs. If you are a US physician, read more about the fellowship program at the Clinical Informatics Training Program At Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Learn about DCI-developed applications.

Learn about our faculty and former fellows.

See our historical videos and our recently recorded webinars and conferences.

2024 Pharmacy Clinical Informatics Summer Internship Program

The goal of the Pharmacy Clinical Informatics Summer Internship Program is to develop future pharmacy leaders in informatics through exposure to population health and clinical informatics principles through concepts such as data model design, clinical workflows, and interoperability. Working directly with pharmacists and clinical leaders, the Interns will learn how clinical informatics principles are used to maximize health care resources, patient care outcomes, and implementations. Two student pharmacists will be selected for this internship in pharmacy informatics.  Apply by March 29, 2024 at  https://research.bidmc.org/dci/2024-pharmacy-clinical-informatics-summer-internship-program

DCI Chief on the Dangers of Social Media and Youth Mental Health

DCI Chief, Yuri Quintana, PhD, FACMI, and Eric Perakslis PhD , published an important paper on the dangers of social media to mental health, particularly for young people, and proposed some specific recommendations for how we can move forward. See the paper and the press release.

Last updated Feb  13, 2023

Announcing the DCI Network!

 The DCI Network aims to accelerate solutions to complex healthcare problems that require multistakeholder collaborations by creating new consortia and roadmaps to fund and implement breakthrough initiatives. 

Many of today’s challenges, such as real-world evidence, distributed clinical trials, multi-institutional data Linking, and new privacy standards, will require public-private collaborations. The pandemic has shown that improvements to health care cannot move quickly without coordinated efforts. Innovations that can’t be deployed at scale are a loss to the health and business sectors. We aim to drive efficiencies in the R&D process and healthcare delivery through more integrated data sharing and multistakeholder collaborations. 

Lear more at https://www.dcinetwork.org/about-us and Register for free here https://www.dcinetwork.org/user/register

More Opportunities for Students

Harvard Medical Students can apply for rotation at DCI in this course ME530M.1 Clinical Informatics

Pharmacy students in the United States will be able to apply to an informatics internship for Summer 2022 (application open). Students need to be in ACPE-accredited school or college with an anticipated graduation of 2023 or 2024. This can be combined with one or more Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) at their university.

United States Medical Students can apply to DCI Informatics Fellowship program.

MIT Students can apply to work at DCI with the UROP program.

International students can apply for a one or two year fellowship.

More details on our education page.

Remembering Howard Leslie Bleich, MD

With great sadness, we report on the recent passing away of Howard Leslie Bleich, MD, the co-founder of the Division of Clinical Informatics at BIDMC. Please see this memorial webpage and share your remembrances of his great achievements. https://www.howardbleich.org

Howard Bleich, MD


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  • Yuri Quintana, Ph.D., Chief of the Division of Clinical Informatics,
  • 133 Brookline Avenue, HVMA Annex, Suite 2200, Boston, MA 02215
  • Email: yquintan@bidmc.harvard.edu