Shubham Laiwala

MS Student

Shubham Laiwala is pursuing his master's in mechanical engineering at Boston University (class of 2022-24). He is pursuing my thesis project at the Nazarian Lab, working on a project to develop means to assess the progression of fracture healing using X-ray imaging.  This work will entail developing computer code and conducting biomechanical testing on rodents to cadaveric specimens and image analysis to validate the code.  The software will be a helpful tool to assess the progression or lack thereof healing in bones in patients to identify those patients who might be headed towards a malunion or nonunion of their fracture, as this is a significant concern for up to 20% of the 6 million fracture patients per year in the United States.  For all other patients, this software will allow their physician to provide a quantitative assessment of their healing bone as they progress.

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