Orthobiologics & Therapeutics



  • Relaxin-2 as a Novel Therapeutic for the Treatment of Arthrofibrosis

  • Salt Inducible Kinase Inhibitors as a Therapeutic for Fracture Repair

  • PR1P as a Therapeutic for Fracture Repair

  • Cannabinoids as Therapeutic Options for Fracture Repair and Fusion

  • Functionalized Silk Constructs for Weight-bearing and Non-weight-bearing implants and Osseointegrated Prosthetics

MSK Tissue Mechanics & Mechanobiology



  • Evaluation of rotator cuff tear initiation and propagation
  • Hierarchical assessment of rotator cuff tendon mechanics and structure
  • Mechanobiology of tendon fatigue and tendonapathy
  • Geno-mechanical understanding of bone repair under normal and pathologic conditions

Diagnostic and Predictive Tools



  • Assessment of fracture risk in patients with skeletal metastasis
  • AI-based method for MSK tumor segmentation and classification  
  • AI-based method to predict fragility fracture risk with X-ray imaging
  • Opportunistic screening of vertebral compression fractures
  • AI-assisted multi-modal VTE Risk Prediction and prophylaxis prediction

Recent Publications