Advancing People-Centered e-Health in Chile

May 17, 2016

(05/17/2016 - Santiago, Chile) - I had the opportunity to present at the Future Health Now conference in Santiago, Chile on May 7, 2016.  The conference brought together patients, health professionals, government, companies to present innovations that can be entered into the daily life of patients to improve their quality of life. See the video highlights of this event. It was wonderful to see many new innovators with disruptive ideas to transform the Chilean health sector. Chile and many other Latin American countries are making progress in developing their e-health programs. What was particularly wonderful about this conference was the involvement of patients presenting their views. There were presentations by patients from Fundación Cáncer Coaching Chile and Oncoloop. Several innovative e-health companies such as VitaFX, BabyBE, Heartlytics presented their innovations.  By promoting the involvement of patients in the design, implementation and evaluation of these systems, we can achieve more successful outcomes and better quality of life. I have written a few papers discussing some of the issues to consider in people-centered health systems. I encourage you to explore the conference website, the FHN Twitter page, and FHN Facebook page . I send my continued best wishes to Latin American colleagues as they expand and improve their healthcare systems.

Yuri Chile FHN Conference