Challenges to Global Standardization of Outcome Measures

L, Zoe, and Quintana Y. 2021. “Challenges to Global Standardization of Outcome Measures”. In AMIA 2021 Virtual Informatics Summit. American Medical Informatics Association.


Global standardization of outcome measures for disease states can help researchers and healthcare providers compare healthcare institutions’ and populations' health outcomes. Despite the creation of standardized outcome sets, clinical institutions' adoption of these sets is not common. A literature review shows that among the challenges to standardizing outcome measures include the difficulties of achieving consensus in the working groups creating these outcome sets, the tradeoffs made when selecting outcome measurement tools, and the high costs of implementing a new or different set of outcome measures. The duplication of effort to create these standard sets can also limit standardization, which could be minimized through increased transparency of how these standard sets are developed. We propose some approaches to improve how to create and implement standard sets to broaden their usability across institutions.
Last updated on 03/07/2023