External Advisory Committee

The External Advisory Committee (EAC) is comprised of a Committee Chair and 5 additional members. The goal of the EAC is to meet and discuss the Center activities, goals, and directions. An important role of the EAC is to identify key successes, problems, and opportunities of the Center, as well as review driving biomedical projects (DBPs) and collaborative and service projects for their merit and appropriateness, as well as documenting fair availability of the resources of the Center.

The Chair of the EAC is:

James Prestegard, Ph.D. of the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center (CCRC) at the University of Georgia  (https://ccrc.uga.edu/team/james-prestegard/)

The other members of the EAC are:

Tamara Doering, M.D., Ph.D. of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis (http://dbbs.wustl.edu/faculty/Pages/faculty_bio.aspx?SID=3877)

Hudson Freeze, Ph.D. of the Sanford-Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (https://www.sbpdiscovery.org/team/hudson-freeze-phd)

Donald Jarvis, Ph.D. of the University of Wyoming (http://www.uwyo.edu/molecbio/faculty-and-staff/don-jarvis/)

Michael Pierce, Ph.D. of the University of Georgia (https://www.bmb.uga.edu/directory/people/michael-pierce)

Nicola Pohl, Ph.D. of the Indiana University Bloomington (https://pohl.lab.indiana.edu/)