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Cell Line (frozen vials)



Lec8 GT 1



LS174T Tn+ II 2









Y1H5 – anti-LacdiNAc 3
(mouse IgG), 500 µg aliquot



reBaGs6 – anti-Tn antigen 4 (recombinant mouse IgM), 100 µg aliquot






These reagents are made available through the BIDMC Glycomics Core. Please email for all inquiries and questions.


1 Lec8-GT cells- Engineered CHO Lec8 cells (ATCC# CRL-1737) with β1,4-N-Acetylgalactosaminyltransferase to produce LacdiNAc and poly-LacdiNAc repeats on N-glycans.  (Kawar et al., 2005)

2 LS174T Tn+ II cells- Tn+ cells derived from LS174 cells (ATCC# CL-188) and enriched with BaGs6 anti-Tn antibody. (Ju et al., 2008)

3 IgG1 mouse antibody, Clone Y1H5. In experimental conditions, showed reactivity to unmodified LDN only. Y1H5 has been successfully used in Western Blot, Glycan Microarrays and Flow Cytometry applications. The antibody is stored at 4°C in 100 mM MOPS, 150 mM NaCl, 1 mM benzamidine and 0.05% thimerosal, pH 7.5. (Prasanphanich et al., 2014)

4 reBaGs6 amino acid sequence is strictly similar to the BaGs6 antibody previously used in several peer-reviewed publications. reBaGs6 show identical binding pattern and activity as BaGs6 and has been successfully used in Western Blot, Glycan Microarrays, Flow Cytometry, Pull-Down and IHC applications. reBaGs6 is aliquoted in 100 µg batches and stored at -80°C. Stable several months at 4°C once in use. Buffer conditions: 100 mM HEPES, 100 mM NaCl, 50 mM NaOAc, pH 6.0.  Please allow extra time for production steps, depending on supply.