Consortium for Functional Glycomics Information

The CFG mammalian-type glycan microarray and the Microbial Glycan microarray (MGM) continue to be available for use by request, and we welcome your requests and questions! The requests are reviewed and approved by the CFG Steering Committee (link to paragraph below), led by NCFG Director Dr. Richard Cummings.

Resources should be requested at the webpage below, keeping in mind the following notes:

  1. Each request is limited to 10 samples (10 microarrays)
  2. There is a cost associated with the microarray service
  3. Provide a rationale and background for your request to utilize the glycan microarrays
  4. Note how many samples you are requesting to test
  5. Note how the samples can be detected fluorescently
  6. Provide any evidence that your samples bind to glycans
  7. Data will eventually be posted to a public database

Please fill out the Service and Collaboration Form and mention that this is a request for a CFG array service.

For any questions related to CFG glycan microarrays, please contact Drs. Richard Cummings and Jamie Heimburg-Molinaro at

Please note that some of the links and contact information at the actual CFG website are out of date, as the page is not actively updated.  However, the site is the place to submit the request for resources, as well as enter the sample information and download the ‘Assay Information’ form that are required prior to sending samples in for testing. 

Please see the ‘Typical work flow for users making CFG requests

The CFG/NCFG Steering Committee reviews all of the requests for scientific merit and the decisions rendered by the committee are disseminated to the researchers for implementation in the NCFG.  The makeup of the Steering Committee encompasses a broad range of expertise; each member is the leader of a subgroup within the CFG and has enthusiastically agreed to serve in their positions.  Members include:

  • Dr. Richard Cummings, Coordinator of the Protein-Glycan Interaction Resource, Chair of the CFG, BIDMC, HMS, Boston, MA
  • Subgroup 1. Glycans in microbe-host interactions: Dr. Christine Szymanski, CCRC, Univ. of Georgia, Athens, GA
  • Subgroup 2. Glycans in immune recognition and function: Dr. Brian Cobb, Case Western Reserve, Celeveland, OH
  • Subgroup 3. Glycans in cancer biology: Dr. J. Michael Pierce, CCRC, Univ. of Georgia, Athens, GA
  • Subgroup 4. Glycans in development and physiology: Dr. John Hanover, NIH, Bethesda, MD
  • Subgroup 5. Structural glycobiology: Dr. Anne Imberty, CERMAV, Grenoble, France
  • Subgroup 6. Glycan synthesis and microarrays: Dr. Nicola Pohl, Indiana Univ., Bloomington, IN
  • Subgroup 7. Glycomics and Glycoinformatics: Dr. Stuart Haslam, Imperial College, London, UK
  • Representative from the GlyGen group and Society for Glycobiology Conference: Dr. Michael Tiemeyer, CCRC, Univ. of Georgia, Athens, GA