Technology Research and Development (TR&Ds)

The NCFG operates under 3 TR&D projects:

Project 1 – Expansion of Glycan Microarray Technology
Project 2 – Shotgun Glycomics and Functional Recognition
Project 3 – Glycan Display and Recognition

TR&D project goals will focus on 5 main areas and the projects integrates and synergizes with each other:

a.  Expansion of the numbers and diversity of glycans on the Defined Glycan Microarray as well as Shotgun Microarrays
b.  Technologies to explore the role of glycan presentation and valency on glycan recognition
c.  Development of Cellular Avatars and modes of presenting cellular glycomes to provide reagents and facilitate studies by the non-Glycobiology community 
d.  Technologies to explore the functional glycome of humans and animals  
e.  Technologies to aid in sequencing the human glycome using Metadata-Assisted Glycan Sequencing (MAGS)