Invitation to join the Human Glycome Project (HGP)

Dear Colleagues,

If your research is addressing the structure and/or function of glycans in humans, we are inviting you to join the Human Glycome Project (HGP).

The Human Glycome Project is an international initiative aimed at understanding structure and function of human glycans. It functions as a consortium of research groups with their own independent funding. The HGP will support individual researchers by sharing resources and experience, as well as coordinating research activities on a global level.

Each Full member of the HGP is expected to be an independent principal investigator whose laboratory will contribute to the goals of HGP by leading an independently funded project that will result in depositing data in the HGP standardized repositories. Full Members will also have access to specific shared materials for analyses in multiple institutions. These shared materials will include standard glycans and glycopeptides, as well as preparation of materials from human sources. We also expect that members will follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) for their work and make these available to others in the field. We envision that by having this level of international cooperation and sharing of resources and data that we can encourage our respective funding agencies to contribute to this world-wide effort.

The 2nd Meeting of the Human Glycome Project will take place on Jun 20, 2019, in Split, Croatia, in association with the meeting of the International Society for Applied Biological Sciences (ISABS) meeting June 19-21, 2019. The HGP meeting in Split will be a good opportunity to learn more about the project and its activities and contribute information about your research. Participation in the meeting is free for the Full members of the Human Glycome Project.

More information is available at the web site of the Human Glycome Project. There you can also find a list of members, a brief description of their general projects, and their affiliation. To apply for membership, please send the short description of the project to The list of current members and their individual projects is available at More information is available at the web site of the .

With best regards,

Rick Cummings & Gordan Lauc

Directors of the Human Glycome Project