Akul Y Mehta, Ph.D.

Staff Scientist and Instructor, National Center for Functional Glycomics

BIDMC, Harvard Medical School

NCFG Website Administrator


2014- Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicinal Chemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University.
2007- B. Pharm. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Mumbai Educational Trust Institute of Pharmacy, University of Mumbai.


Dr. Mehta obtained his B. Pharmacy from University of Mumbai in 2007. He then moved to Virginia to pursue a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at Virginia Commonwealth University, under the mentorship of Dr. Umesh Desai. During his time at VCU, Dr. Mehta gained experience in synthesis and biological evaluation of heparin mimetic antithrombotics. Dr. Mehta joined the NCFG in January 2017 as a Research Scholar and was promoted to Instructor at Harvard Medical School in 2021.

Research Focus

Dr. Mehta is mainly involved in the synthesis of glycopeptides to study the structure activity relationship of various glycopeptides implicated in disease states. He is also involved in printing microarray slides for the center and the development of new bioinformatics tools for microarray data analysis, glycan structure representation and data management. 

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