Serious Games for Health

I am conducting research on serious games for health. Serious games for health educate, entertain and promote better delivery of health care services. It also provides an opportunity to motivate and focus users to behavior change in the management of their disease or condition. These games are designed to promote better health outcomes for patients, improve the training of the workforce, and promote education and health care products.

I teach a course on serious games for health that provides a theoretical and practical overview of serious games for health. This course offers: a detailed look at the best applications and implementations of sector approaches to the implementation of these systems in the sectors of health and industry, provide a framework for evaluation and strategies for sustainable systems. The serious games for health industry is valued at over one billion dollars with hundreds of products and prototypes developed by academic and commercial sectors.

Once year I teach a version of this course in Spanish in Barcelona, Spain with my colleague Oscar Garcia Pañella, who is the academic director at ENTI (School of New Interactive Technologies) at the University of Barcelona. This week-long course will be of great interest to doctors, nurses, health administrators, public health organizations, and private sector innovators. This one-week course includes lectures, reading materials, networking with experts in the field. The course will be offered June 25-29, 2018. For more information or to register, vist the course website:

I have previosly taught a 2-day workshop in Guadalajara, Mexico on April 21-22, 2018 at the New Amerike university teaching courses in Sport, Health, and Video Games This new university is Affiliated with ENTI in Barcelona and FC Barcelona.

Current work is is on interactive multiuplayer games for global health problems such as pandemics, global warming and nuclear war. I would like to connect with others who want to use games for global health change and create an online community to share knowledge and implementation strategies. I will be giving a keynote talk on this topic at IEEE SGH 2021 Conference and posting updates on my twitter page, but we can do more if we connect with each other and share with others what we can do together. Look for more updates on this page Games for Global Health.


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Video of IEEE SGH 2021 Keynote , August 4, 2021